Welcome to CAMP KHAOS Spring Break Camp!

March Break is  just around the corner  and  we  look  forward  to  making  this  a  fabulous  and memorable  one! Our  dedicated  staff  are busy  planning  great  activities and lots  of  fun  surprises. Due to Covid 19, there have been many changes and new protocols in place so we ask that you please read the info attentively.  We can only achieve our safety measures with parent cooperation. We are confident that by working together to follow our procedures, we can have a great and safe spring break camp.


  • On your child’s first day of camp they will require a knapsack with the following labelled items.: running shoes, 2 full sets of extra clothing (socks, pants, shirts, underwear), 2 extra face masks, 1 empty water bottle (will be used in case their regular one is forgotten or lost), 2 empty plastic bags, 1 extra hand sanitizer. Epipen (unless child wears it on them), pumps or other medication required.  This bag will remain in camp for the week.
  • Please note that we are NUT ALLERGY SENSITIVE.
  • Do not send in any foods containing nuts of any kind! Also no soy nut butter ! Please check all labels on foods you are sending into camp. Please make sure to send extra snacks and juice. Busy kids=hungry kids!
  • Please provide your child  daily, with the  following:  labeled water bottle, lunch box with lunch, dessert and 2 snacks minimum. Minimum of 2 facemasks (labeled and on a lanyard).  Full outdoor gear to match the weather (snowpants, boots, gloves, neckwarmer, hat)
  • Please take  note  that  toys & electronics from  home need to be  kept  at  home!
  • We encourage campers not to wear “good clothes” to camp. Fun usually involves getting messy!


  • Parents are not permitted to enter the building. In order to respect social distance measures and not have a crowd waiting outdoors, we are asking parents to respect a staggered drop off and pick up time.
  • Upon arrival, parents are asked to back into a parking space located on the right of the parking lot. A staff member will be outside to receive the child and once given the thumbs up, you may drive off. Please wait for the thumbs up before leaving. Temperature may be taken at the discretion of the staff.
  • Upon dismissal, please wait in or just outside your vehicle. A staff member will see you and bring your child to you.
  • Please try to be prompt at your arrival time and pick up time. If you feel like you need to change your allotted time, please contact the camp so we can make the change ASAP.
  • Children with the last name starting with: Letters A-G: Drop off 8:45am Pick up 3:45pm

Letters H-M: Drop off 8:55am Pick up 3:55pm

Letters N-R: Drop off 9:05am Pick up 4:05pm

Letters S-Z: Drop off 9:15am Pick up 4:15pm



  • Anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, sudden loss of smell or taste) may not come to camp.
  • Anyone who has travelled in the last two weeks OR who was in close contact with a person who has Covid-19 must not come to camp until isolation period as recommended by Health Canada is over.
  • A child must not come to camp when sick at all, even with the sniffles or any other questionable health conditions
  • A child who is continually unable to observe the health measures imposed or listen to counselor directives during camp will not be permitted back.
  • Coughing and/or spitting on purpose will not be tolerated.
  • Parents must discuss with their child proper hygiene etiquette (frequent/proper handwashing, coughing / sneezing into elbows, and refraining from touching their face, eyes & mouth), keeping mask on face and covering nose at all times except when eating/drinking.

PROCEDURES IN PLACE  (Subject to change if govt measures change)

  • Hand washing: Upon arrival and at dismissal. Before and after using any shared equipment.  Before and after eating. Before and after using the toilet.  After blowing the nose.
  • Health questions asked upon entry of staff and campers
  • Masks required during indoor activities as well as outdoors covering face with a neckwarmer or scarf.
  • All bathroom touch zones (handles,seats )will be sanitized after each use.
  • Equipment used will be sanitized between groups.
  • More frequent cleaning of surfaces.
  • Groups will not interact with other groups & staff will remain constant in each group.
  • Reminders of respiratory etiquette
  • Ratios of 1:8 with a maximum of 16 children per camp group.
  • Lunch and snack will be eaten respecting a distance between each child.

This year, our camp is located at 4698 Boul St Jean,  at Emmanuel Christian School.

If you have any questions please feel free to call.  We are looking forward to meeting new campers as well  as  welcoming back our veterans.


Viki Zerdok
Camp Director

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