Advanced Khaos CIT Program

Level 1: 12-13 yrs (completed grade 6 or 7)
Level 2: 14-15 yrs
(completed grade 8 or 9)

Camp Hours
9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Not a camper, but not quite old enough to become staff? This hands-on Counsellor-in-Training program introduces teens to the world of childcare and combines it with fun! Interactive sessions will focus on child care, leadership, programming, and team building skills. CITs will also have the opportunity to work directly in the bunks with children and will build the confidence needed to animate activities.

This program will also include weekly outings (Arbraska, Super Aqauclub, Beach Club, etc), team sports, and so much more, which will create new bonds of friendship.

A minimum of 6 participants per week is required to run the program.

Camp Fees 

Level 1: 12-13 (completed grade 6 or 7): Level 1- 230$

Level 2: 14-15 (completed grade 8 or 9): 180$

Optional Overnights to YCC (available to Junior Khaos and Advanced Khaos only):

1 night –  Week 3 (July 13-14) 100$

2 nights- week 7 (Aug 9-11) 155$

Overnight fees include bus transport to and from the camp, all food, activities and supervision.

Minimum initial registration of 2 consecutive weeks however for this program we do suggest 3 weeks in order to get the best leadership experience possible. Register for 4 weeks and save $20! Register for 8 weeks and save $80 (discounts do not apply to level 2 CIT fees). A 3rd sibling bonus saves you an additional 5%!

We know that making summer plans at this time can be difficult. The dates you choose can be changed without any penalty, if available (this applies only to the dates you have chosen, NOT the number of weeks).

T-SHIRTS: Campers are required to wear a camp t-shirt on outings. The cost is $9 per t-shirt. Children registered for 8 weeks of camp receive one free t-shirt.

Did you know the Quebec & Canada government credits you a percentage

of  your camp fees as it is considered childcare?

Check out the calculator at the link below to see what your camp fees will actually cost. You may also qualify for advanced payments.

(Please note that to put in the daily contribution please take your weekly fee and divide by 5 to put the correct number in the calculator.

You must indicate the number of days you are planning to attend camp… 2 weeks =10 days.

Cost of a childcare space calculator for 2023, Calculators, Ministère des Finances (

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